The streets are our playground. A woman-led party.

Silent Disco Tours London Edinburgh, Brighton.
A walk on the wild side!

Your Boogie Shoes Silent Disco Tour Starts Here.Great music, live commentary and good vibes. 

Also available for YOUR PARTY!

Brighton Fringe May 2019


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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!
The Brighton Fringe May 2019

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The Streets are our playground. Boogie Shoes Silent Disco.

  • BSSD and your hostess Boogie La Roo, will lead you through the streets  in a merry walk, everyone wears headphones (supplied) and you all tune in to the same station and hear live commentary and the spontaneous playlist. Expect feel-good music,  magical happenings and plenty of singalongs and dancealongs. (reserved people always welcome you just need to be able to walk!)
  • Our tours last for an hour and start at Covent Garden tube station
  • Our West End Musical Tours start at 21 Wellington Street Covent Garden WC2E 7RQ (where the Lion King is playing
  • Available for private and bespoke Hen Tours in London and Brighton
  • All celebrations catered for


Kelly M

Silent Disco Tours in the streets
A party like no other.

So much fun I'm going to do it for my Hen Night Party!

Heather Luscombe


My face was hurting from laughing and smiling throughout this entire tour...the time flew by!

 5 stars from all my crew. 

Eddie G


Heartwarming, energetic and soooo much fun!


The Edinburgh Fringe Silent Disco with a Scottish Twist

Boogie Shoes : A family-run silent disco tour company.

Hen Nights!


We love doing Hen parties!!

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Our Silent Disco Tours are funny and immersive and

 our Boogie Shoes Hen Nights are legendary.

We can meet you anywhere to get the silent disco party going. 

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We offer bespoke corporate, wedding hen and stag specials and will tailor your tour to your specific needs, just get in touch to chat about what you would like .

Boogie Shoes Silent Disco Tours

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